EcoDesign ~ Reusable Recycling ~ The continuing lifecycle of a product's materials. Green ReUsable. Environmental.
MRI Metal Recycling Inc.

Welcome. MRI ~ Metal Recycling Inc. ~ EcoDesign is the planned environmental conditions that each product developed will affect through its natural lifecycle. In a Green Reusable society, the impact on the environment of these materials is vital with design and develop teams. The life cycle of a product is usually divided into procurement, manufacture, use and disposal.
Disposal was once the concluding position of a product's lifecycle. Our Green Initiative is to increase the 'USE' cycle of life, thus insuring that the disposal end-life challenges that affect our Earth's environment will be delayed for the product indefinitely as possible.

POPULAR Services
MRI ~ Metal Recycling Inc. ~
  • Fabrication of all metals into new products.
  • Ground level design & construction of new custom products.
  • Replacement parts.
  • Body and frames of vehicles

  • As the whole product life cycle should be regarded in an integrated perspective, representatives from advance development, design, production, marketing, purchasing and project management should work together on the ecodesign of a further developed or new product as they have together the best chance to predict the holistic effects of changes of the product and their environmental impact. wiki
    MRI Metal Recycling Inc continues their dedication of ReUse Recycling with Eco-Innovations which promote Green ReUsable resources.


  • Green ReUsable Recycling Ecodesigning
  • Consumption of resources (energy, materials, water or land area)
  • Emissions to air, water, and the ground as being relevant for the environment and human health
  • Miscellaneous (e.g. noise and vibration)